Wednesday, 24 November 2010

lanvin and h&m...the moment of truth

Few days ago (the 23rd) the lanvin and H&m collection hit the stores the collection itself is great but dear h&m
1-You should have stocked more stuff and sunglasses: lots of people have jobs and they can't stay all night long queueing to have the access at 9am time when they gotta go to work and it's really unfair that if they wanted to buy on the internet
2-at the time the online shop opened (7am) the site was closed for "capacity issues" you should have forecasted that the collection was popular and when the access was possible quite everything was sold out.
3-Do you know that the only way to get the collection now is to buy it on ebay because some "smart" people are re selling the items at triple the price?

Next time dear h&m think because you won't see the 300£ I saved for you and Lanvin again

By the way I went at the store in the afternoon and all I got was the tiger printed T-shirt

Time to head for the real lanvin

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